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My consulting approach is aimed at working with you and your team/organization to address entrenched challenges (should they be opportunities or problems). This is an in-depth process that involves time spent diagnosing the situation (generally through interviews and facilitated meetings), forming specific goals and desired outcomes, and co-creating approaches to address the situation. During these various phases I will act to support, facilitate, educate and challenge, such that you are able to achieve your goals.

Training and Development Workshops

I focus primarily on leadership and team development, and prefer to conduct multiple sessions over a period of time (longitudinal) for a variety of reasons: 

  • The learning builds over time; concepts and ideas can be revisited and reinforced over the course of the learning program

  • Chance to practice – participants will bring current challenges and issues they are dealing with; they will be encouraged to apply what they are learning directly to these challenges back in the workplace

  • The content will be relevant; application of the learning to the job and existing challenges is always the focus


I provide coaching for leaders at all levels of your organization (line manager to executive) to help further develop and enhance the capacity to lead. My approach focuses on identifying and building on strengths, while not ignoring those behaviors that can trip us up or get in the way of effectiveness. You can read more about my coaching approach here.


I have extensive experience designing and facilitating retreats that will help you and your team address the real issues you are facing, such that you leave the day with a clear understanding of the nature of the challenges and actions to take moving forward.

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